Want to Build Wealth?

Saving money is really fun for me. Other people may not get as excited about it. But, if you want to build wealth then make it a game with a reward from which you can benefit as Charles Duhigg explains in his book Power of Habit. A reward is an incentive that works well for our human minds. The process I have used with many clients, not to mention with myself, which works remarkably well, has been to first set up an accounting system such as Mint.com for personal finances or QuickBooks for business owners.

Once this step has been taken you will then have some accurate data to work with. Use that information to build a monthly budget. Track it every month. See in real time where you are overspending, or, where spending more will increase your cash revenue for business owners. Budgets can be very empowering. Therefore, it is essential when building your budget to focus on what makes you feel cared for and open rather than restricted. If not you’ll rebel, which can throw you and your finances a bit off. However, remember, you can always get back on track, so never give up. In the end, this process will truly work to your benefit.

A fun self-care tool is to build various savings into your budget. Think of savings as an expense item as if you are spending the money when in reality you are simply moving the funds to high yield savings accounts earning over 2%. This action prepares our mindset to be at peace because we are caring for our future in addition to current planned expenses.

Action: Always save as soon as you are paid to ensure you are building your wealth before spending. This builds confidence in having a comfortable financial future. Saving creates feelings of balance between living in the moment, while looking forward to a comfortable future.

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