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Carenna Willmont, Chief Financial Officer

Your Path to Financial Clarity and Confidence

Ms. Willmont collaborates with CEO’s to align their company finances with their goals. The process is based on working together to create a system that supports you, the CEO, to run your company in a way that suits your goals, and gives you more energy to live a balanced life all based on neuroscience and the the research of happiness.

Financial Foundation: Create a financially sustainable business built on solid ground.

  1. Discovery: Vision, Goals, Values, identify priorities for action plan.
  2. Customize accounting system to produce clear and strategically beneficial reports.
  3. Reporting to gain complete clarity, identify patterns and where the need for change occurs.
  4. Create a Budget.
  5. Savings system for taxes, cushion, investments, goals and retirement.

Strategic CFO: Financial cohesiveness by communicating with all members of your financial team including Tax Accountant, Investors, Bookkeeper, Investment advisor, Insurance advisor and Estate attorneys to maximize return on capital.

Includes these areas looked after every month:

  1. Conference with bookkeeper regularly to ensure a solid system.
  2. Internal Audit for accuracy and tax deductions while ensuring documents are organized.
  3. Maintain Budget vs. Actual P & L Cash Flow including savings.
  4. Revenue planning using our proprietary Formula: Passion + Time + Money = Happiness
  5. Balance Sheet maintenance coordination with financial team.
  6. Perform profitability analysis and planning.
  7. Tax coordination and planning with Tax Accountant.
  8. Maintain Savings system to build cash reserves.
  9. Coordinate and optimize retirement planning with financial advisor.
  10. Encourage teamwork in financial systems creating win-win dynamics.

Note: This service has a cap of 20 hours per month with an option to add more service.

Additional Services upon request.

  • Hire financial teammates.
  • Debt repayment management.
  • External Audit ready.

BookkeepingHave data you can rely upon to make important strategic decisions.

  1. Ensure the accounting system has all the accounts included in the system.
  2. Reconcile all accounts and organize bank statements.
  3. Prepare and manage Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.
  4. Sending monthly reports to CFO for review and discussion of trends, to then send to CEO.
  5. Customize reports based on CFO guidance for data analysis.
  6. Maintain organization of documents to support an internal/external audit.
  7. Coordinate with Tax Accountant on mapping, reporting and tax filing.
  8. Payroll integration.
  9. Prepare 1099’s.

Additional Services upon request.

  • Debt repayment management.

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