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Align your beautiful inner world with your finances

Carenna began financial consulting in 2004, in Los Angeles, CA. It all began organically by connecting with her own finances in a healthy and nourishing way, which led to helping friends, who then encouraged her to begin a business helping other women. She relocated to the San Francisco Bay area in 2012 to complete a degree at UC Berkeley, with honors in Political Economy of Finance, and the CPA education requirements. She worked at KPMG for alternative financial investments. In 2017, she started CFO consulting based on neuroscience and happiness research.  She enjoys collaboratively developing and incorporating systems for optimum mental, emotional, soulful and fiscal achievement, which are foundation pillars for healthy, loving and supportive relationships and community. Relationship with self and others are some of the most important elements in inner happiness, which is why she structures her work the way shoe does as a emotional deep dive and creating financials systems to serve the highest good of all involved.

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