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Ms. Willmont began financial consulting in 2004, in Los Angeles, CA. It all began organically by connecting with her own finances in a clear and empowering way, which led to helping friends, who then encouraged her to begin a business helping other individuals and business owners. After working with many business owners who became significantly more profitable Ms. Willmont relocated to the San Francisco Bay area in 2012 to make a more significant impact in the world with her skills.  She completed a degree at UC Berkeley, with honors in Political Economy of Finance, and also has completed the Masters CPA education requirements at Golden Gate University. Then she worked for several San Francisco based startups and KPMG for alternative financial investments in the Venture Capital and Private Equity industries. She is passionate about aligning capital with businesses that improve our society as whole. She enjoys making significant impacts in peoples lives.

Her financial focus is to develop reliable data through accounting, profitability and savings as a means for financial decision making and abundant cash flow.

In addition, should it serve you, Ms. Willmont is qualified not only through her financial education but also through studies of psychology and neuroscience she can optimize mindset along with financial management.

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