Carenna Willmont, CFO


Align who you really are with your finances so you can impact the world for the better~

Willmont Financial is a customized CFO service to help leaders of companies and families reach your goals using your deep personal purpose using a psychological approach based on neuroscientific research. Carenna Willmont is an experienced professional for businesses that want to create win-win collaborative relationships, be financially sustainable, and create positive impacts in the world.

Carenna graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Political Economy of Finance along with work experience in a Big Four accounting firm and has completed all of the CPA education requirements.


  • Improved profitability while growing your business. 
  • Detailed financial analysis of your business to support a life you love.
  • Increase savings for goals and retirement.
  • Deep sense of personal purpose.
  • Self-care while also caring for your clients.

This customized service is designed to analyze and solve your business  financial needs and desires all based on your deepest passions for yourself and the world. Carenna provides customized emotional and psychological solutions which have produced significant results for clients. She performs profitability analysis and strategizes to create a system that supports your goals. We work together monthly throughout all financial decision-making processes building a cohesive financial process and team, communicating with tax advisors, investment professionals and estate planners. Contact Carenna to explore how to work together to make your dream business and life come true.

Carenna believes in women supporting other women and in creating a relationship of openness, depth, and exploration as a way of building a thriving business. At Willmont Financial, Carenna creates a safe non-judgemental space where business owners can be the best version of themselves while being supported in a fun, deep and connected way. She designed a process that brings to the surface deeper psychological patterns so thought patterns do not get in the way of accomplishing your dream life and business. She creates an experience that is positive and feels like you are hanging out with friends while managing your finances. She has experienced that organizing finances with a balanced self-care approach, can guide businesses to achieve sustainability, peace of mind, joy, confidence and prosperity. Goal setting, clear financial record-keeping, and budgeting help to reach savings goals all while being in a peaceful state. Carenna applies her equation PASSION + TIME + FINANCES = DREAM LIFE to build a life and business in which you love.

Marni Battista, CEO

Working with Carenna gave me peace of mind because we created a plan for income, spending and saving. I now feel in control of my money. Profitability and planning are her specialties which nearly vanished my stress and worry. If you want to be on solid ground, work with Carenna. She is sharp and does not miss a detail!”

Tiffany Hume, CEO

Carenna is a joy to work with. She helps bring the act of dealing with finances and numbers into a fun, manageable and balanced perspective. I am so appreciating my newfound empowerment and clarity around money. It is also so liberating to have a map of how to spend my money in a way that supports my having a happy, fulfilling life. The best part is, the more clearly I get with my finances, the more money I manifest! I'm so grateful to have found Carenna.”

Dan Mapes, CEO

Willmont Financial is a great company that brings real humanity to the financial details we all have to deal with. Carenna brought real care and solid experience to ensure that we had a great result for our business and the process was very pleasant for all of us."

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