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Carenna Willmont, Chief Financial Officer

Align Your Company Finances with Your Values

Ms. Willmont collaborates with CEO’s to align their company finances with their goals. The work is based on collaborating to create a system that supports you, the CEO, to run your company in a way that suits your goals.

Financial Foundation

  1. Discovery: Vision, Goals, Values, identify priorities for action plan.
  2. Customize accounting system to produce clear and strategically beneficial reports.
  3. Reporting to gain complete clarity, identify patterns and where the need for change occurs.
  4. Create a Budget.
  5. Savings system for taxes, cushion, investments, goals and retirement.

Strategic CFO

  • Financial cohesiveness by communicating with all members of your financial team including Tax advisor, Investors, Bookkeeper, Investment advisor, Insurance advisor and Estate attorneys to maximize return on capital.
  • Monthly review of detailed financial reporting to gain clarity for strategic decision-making.
  • Assess profitability in all areas of the business, such as gross profit and overall company profit for strategic decision making.
  • Refining your revenue model to maximize fulfillment and financial returns.
  • Budgeting to plan for company strong cash flow needs.
  • Maintain savings system to grow cash reserves to increase financial peace of mind.
  • Work with Financial Advisor to build and fund retirement plans.
  • Encourage team equity in financial systems creating win-win dynamics.


  • Maintain clean orderly, reconciled accounting.
  • Double review with CFO for internal self-audit.
  • CFO review with Tax accountant and you, the CEO.
  • Documents organized in preparation for an audit.
  • Easy to find documents for taxes.
  • Bill pay.

Balanced CEO (After years of helping CEO’s with their finances, I developed this service for balancing their lives out with their business),

  • We begin with your psychological assessment uncovering how you relate to money. (2 hours)
  • As we explore your relationship to work we apply my formula (Passion + Time + Finances = Happiness) to create more efficiency in your days. I have seen applying this formula to clients shed tears and waisted efforts that are not aligned with all three elements that bring happiness. Very powerful and effective.
  • Collaborating with you, the CEO, we uncover your hidden financial mindset and start new effective thought processes aligned with actions to accomplish your goals.
  • Integrate all parts of yourself for a fulfilling complete feeling. Letting your higher self lead your life.
  • Use psychological and neuroscience tools to build a clear, loving and confident relationship with yourself in order to build a life based on your values and goals.
  • Guide and support decisions for financials in leading your company to build a great win-win culture based on respecting the team and creating opportunities for open dialogue to find the best solutions.
  • Build a work life balance that makes you feel alive.

Love your Business!


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