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Have peace of mind with this Five Phase joyful and methodical Process:

  1. Discovery: Vision, Goals, Family financial patterns, psychology, self-care focus, celebration and rewards.
  2. Customize your financial system with respect for feelings and thinking.
  3. Reporting, Psychological Patterns, revenue model, profitability analysis.
  4. Budget moving you to your goals.
  5. Savings plan for goals.

Carenna works with female, and a few male, business owners monthly to be financially empowered with a customized financial management system. Carenna has studied neuroscience, meditation, emotional release, positive psychology and visualization to help shape her process which has been very successful in aligning passion, time and finances to create a life we all love. She does this system for herself, which is why she is able to lead other people through the process.

Through out the month, meet privately with Carenna at elegant places:

  • Using vision as our guide for having peace of mind and joy with your finances.
  • Financial cohesiveness by communicating with all financial members of your team, Tax, Investment and Estate professionals to maximize deductions and tax strategy.
  • Assess profitability of gross profit and overall company profit.
  • Check in with formula and how it currently applies to you. What you are passionate about, how many hours do you want to work, how much money do you want to make and save, all to create a positive mindset and contribution through your work.
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Financial Sister Circle

Financial Sister Circle is a safe, respectful and loving community that supports honesty, vulnerability and breakthroughs on how we care for ourselves and our finances. We suspend judgment, and rather we extend care and love so we can all be and grow more into our dream version of ourselves while being supported with trust and prosperity all in a feminine self- love based way. This is the foundation to building a world we women want to be an active part of and contribute to improving.

Join us:

Love, Carenna

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Love your Life!


Vision to Goals Accomplished

I will take you through the process of getting clear on your vision, customize your accounting system be it QuickBooks or Mint, ensure the reports are accurate, make a budget to get you from where you are to where you want to be so your goals can be met, and you can enjoy a life you envision.

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